18 April 2016

Fate/Stay Night: Saber 18

fate/stay night cosplay - saber 18記憶の波間に浮かんでる横顔
The side of face, floating between the waves of memory, 伸ばした指からこぼれ
Spill through the extended fingers. 陽炎の向こう揺らめいた景色は
The scene seen through rising heat, wavering, 幻としても愛しいもの
is a illusious yet lovely thing.

Understanding not even the meaning of tear 幸せと言えた不幸
Is a misfortune called “happiness”. 言葉にできない切なさのカケラが
The fragments of pain, which cannot be expressed in words, 瞳にあふれてく
Overflow in the eyes.

“My Dream”
Lyrics by Anime Lyrics
Translation by Mirror Moon

Isn’t she beautiful? I really love the pose, and the intensity in the cosplayer’s eyes! Although it looks like she’s in construction site? There are a lot of hollow blocks in the background!

Anyway, if anyone knows who the cosplayer is, please let me know! Thanks to Olivia for sending this in!

Source: Land of Otaku

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