26 April 2016

Fushigi Yuugi: Amiboshi

fushigi yuugi shu no shou cosplay - amiboshi by hattori tsubasaThe elder twin of Suboshi, Amiboshi is a Seiryuu Celestial warrior born under the star “Neck (亢)”. He is able to emit chi through his mouth and uses the flute to control others. Amiboshi holds the instrument to the left when he is using his powers, and to the right when he is simply playing.

Under Nakago’s orders, Amiboshi impersonated Chiriko and grew close to Miaka and the other Suzaku warriors. He almost succeeded in killing the Suzaku warriors during their attempt to summon Suzaku, but the real Chiriko appeared and saved everyone. Amiboshi tried to escape, but Miaka wanted to save him, claiming that anyone who plays such beautiful music cannot be evil. He later fell into the river and was presumed dead.

I thought I recognized this stage actor! He is Hattori Tsubasa, who played Shikimaru Nara in the Naruto Musical! He is still as handsome as ever, and definitely suits the role of Amiboshi!

For the fans who saw Shu no Shou, how was it? Was it loyal to the original manga? Did you have a favorite character?

Source: Amipro
First Seen on: Crunchyroll

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