21 April 2016

World Canvas: Sera Asprec

world canvas cosplay - sera asprec by mayu ma cherieSera Asrec is an art student with heterochromia iridum, or different colored eyes. As a matter of fact, her left eyes gives her the ability to look into a person’s past and retrieve their darkest secrets by observing their artworks or their handwriting. This ability is very helpful for her brother’s work at the museum as Sera can give him unique information about deceased famous artists. However, this ability also made Sera distant from the people around her.

One day, she met child prodigy, Rhiannon Estrella, and realized that she could not read any information from her at all! It was the first time Sera’s ability failed to work, which made Sera even more curious to know who Rhiannon really was! What sort of secret could a young girl be guarding so securely?

Many of you might not be familiar with this character as World Canvas is a local manga published in the Philippines. Mayu Ma Cherie cosplayed Sera so well that I couldn’t resist featuring her!

If you’d like to see more of Mayu’s cosplays, please visit her on Facebook and support her! On the other hand, if you want to know more about the series, please visit the mangaka’s Facebook, Color-LES aka Godley Malabanan! Thanks again to Mayu for letting me feature this!

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