30 October 2007

Fushigi Yuugi: Yuki Miaka

fushigi yugi curious play cosplay - yuki miakaI can’t believe I missed a nice source of cosplay pictures… Photobucket! What could have been more obvious right? But yes, I suppose I’m pretty clueless that way…

Talk about classics on this one. I remember the time when Fushigi Yugi aka Curious Play first aired on the local network… You won’t believe how many people were swooning over Tamahome, Hotohori, and the other bishounens you’ll find in the series.

Too bad most people hate Miaka… She’s such a clueless, bottomless pit sort of girl who had all the boys eating out of her hand. I suppose that’s the reason why people hate her so much.
But this cosplayer is cute though! I love the roses in her hair… I wonder what happened to her uniform’s bow?

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