22 April 2016

Yu Yu Hakusho: Team Toguro

yu yu hakusho cosplay - karasu, toguro-otouto, toguro-ani, and bui

Team Toguro consists of the “human turned demon” Toguro siblings and two demons, Karasu and Bui. Karasu and Bui both lost to the Toguro brothers in battle and subsequently joined their team for the Dark Tournament. Toguro-otouto (Younger Toguro) is rated as a B-class, absolute strength demon, while is brother, Toguro-ani (Elder Toguro) is a demon shape shifter. As for Karasu, he is a “Governor-rank” demon who can create bombs using his aura undetectable by lower level demons. Last but not least, Bui is a demon warrior who has a battle aura so immense that we wears heavy armor to suppress it.

Nothing beats a classic, and this team of cosplayers definitely did a great job portraying the antagonists of this series! If anyone happens to know who the cosplayers are, please let me know so I can credit them! Thanks to Rey for sending this in!

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