25 April 2016

Fate/Grand Order: Ruler 02

fate/grand order cosplay - ruler by rithRuler is a taciturn and cool while acting as a Servant, but is naturally a plain and quiet 16-year-old. She puts order first, but she is willing to wield a sword for the sake of the rules.

In Fate/Apocrypha, due to the irregularity of the Great Holy Grail War, and the continued existence of the previous Ruler from the Third Holy Grail War, Ruler was not given a spiritual body, and instead possessed a human girl named Laeticia. Because of her faith, Laeticia accepts Ruler completely, and thus, they do not share two personalities in one body, but rather, their personalities have merged into one.

Isn’t Rith absolutely beautiful? It looks like Ruler has a “Lily” version like Saber too! I actually like her original look better, but this is also very beautiful!
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