12 January 2008

Fruits Basket: Souma Akito

fruits basket cosplay - souma akitoPeople who only watched the anime of Fruits Basket will argue that Akito should be cosplayed by a guy, but the manga reveals that she is actually a girl! I was pretty shocked when I read it… She probably doesn’t want to be a girl because she despises them, saying that they are sneaky creatures that seduce the male Juunishi away from her.

The reason why she is basically the head of the Souma Clan since she is considered to be the Jade Emperor, the ruler of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac, so her word is absolute. She’s also very sickly, and the anime mentioned she only has 30 years to live, though I’ve never seen that in the manga.

This is an awesome cosplay of Akito! Very accurate, though I’m not too intimidated by her…


  1. In the manga, it says that Akito was raised as a boy (I think it was her father's idea?) because the head of the family has always been a man. Just thought I'd share. =]

    For the record, I think she should be cosplayed by a girl =D And this photo is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Oh? I thought her dad did that because her mom was crazy jealous of her or something. :) Thanks for that though! And I agree, it is quite a gorgeous photo and cosplayer~!