19 July 2014

Vampire Knight: Kain Akatsuki 02

vampire knight cosplay - kain akatsuki 02Laid-back yet highly observant, Kain Akatsuki often gets into trouble thanks to his cousin, Aido, although he is often not directly responsible. He has the ability to conjure and control fire aside from his vampiric abilities. He has been in love with Ruka ever since they were young, but he is also aware of Ruka’s feelings for Kaname, and thus never reveals his true feelings to her. His protectiveness over Ruka is the only thing preventing him from completely devoting himself to Kaname.

What a lovely photo! I’m a little sad the series ended the way it did, but I suppose all good things must eventually come to an end. Thanks to Gina for sending this in!

Source: lovers ♡ cosplay on tumblr

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