09 July 2014

Weiß Kreuz: Fujimiya Ran (Aya)

weiss kreuz cosplay - fujimiya ran (aya) by hito ameFujimiya Ran is a Weiss assassin under the order of Kritiker, a secret organization that falls under the Japanese police force. He is known to the group as “Aya”, a name that belongs to his sister who was run over by Takatori Reiji. With both his parents murdered, and his sister in a coma, Aya joined Weiss in hopes of seeking revenge for his family.

I remember watching this series about the same time Sailor Moon was airing here in the Philippines. I loved this character the most, and I must say, Hito Ame (一雨) did a great job of portraying him! Thanks to Hana for sending this in!

Source: 一雨 on Cosplayers’ Archive

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