28 July 2014

Naruto: Yamanaka Ino

naruto cosplay - yamanaka inoYamanaka Ino was raised by her father to embody the meaning of the violet flower, which symbolizes a blunt, candid love. In other words, she was raised to treasure the bonds she has with her friends and family.

At the Academy, she became friends with Haruno Sakura, who was being bullied at the time due to the size of her forehead. Ino convinced Sakura that hiding her forehead was pointless and that it only made things worse. She then gave Sakura a red ribbon to draw attention elsewhere.

She looks amazing! And I can’t believe I’ve never featured this character before! I guess it’s because I don’t really followed the franchise, but I am familiar with Ino and Sakura’s past. Thanks to Sai for sending this in!

Source: Blogspot

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