16 July 2014

Trinity Blood: Radu Barvon

trinity blood cosplay - radu barvonThe Baron of Luxor and Ion Fortuna's foster brother, Radu was chosen by the Empress to accompany Ion in a mission to negotiate with the Vatican. The visit did not go as planned as a terrorist bomb attack made the Vatican speculate that Ion came to kill Cardinal Caterina Sforza. Father Abel and Sister Esther later met with Ion and realized that Radu was behind the sabotage, as he was given orders by the Rozenkreuz Orden to kill both Ion and Caterina so as to start a war between the Empire and the Vatican.

He looks absolutely stunning! I love these uniforms they wear in the Empire. I might consider having one made for me one of these days. Thanks to Trista for sending this in!

Source: Blogspot

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