27 July 2014

Uta no Prince-sama: Ittoki Otoya and Ichinose Tokiya 03

uta no prince-sama cosplay - ittoki otoya and ichinose tokiya夢を見て 走ろうよ
Hurrying towards a dream!

Growing up!!

We’ll search for an irreplaceable tomorrow!
Feelings that make me want a smile to bloom
信じて 見ててよ
Believe in me, and then you’ll see!

I promise you

未来をRaise 回り出す Roulette game 赤と黒どっちを選ぶ?
Raise the future! The roulette game’s beginning to turn! Red or black, which do you choose?
運命の 唄を奏でよう
We’ll play this song of fate!
We won’t lose!

Rivals song

Lyrics by: Kasi Time
Translated by: ☽ Moonlit Sanctuary ☾

Don’t they look adorable? I don’t really like Tokiya very much, but I think when he’s with Otoya, he becomes more tolerable for some reason. I wonder why that is? Thanks to Britney for sending this in!

Source: 現実。 on tumblr

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