18 January 2013

Trinity Blood: Esther Blanchett 02

trinity blood cosplay - esther blanchett by kipi
Source: Kipi on World Cosplay
Sister Esther Blanchett met Father Abel Nightroad when he visited Saint Matthias Church investigating Count Gyula Kadar’s tyranny over Istavan. Esther was revealed to be part of a band of rebels known as the Partisans who were against Gyula and were working to oust him at any cost. Count Gyula then sent a vampire to attack the clergy of the church, and his City Military Police took the initiative to bomb Saint Matthias Church, killing Bishop Laura Vitez in the process.

Cute cosplay by Kipi! I didn’t know Esther had clothing like this until I went through Kipi’s World Cosplay account trying to find out what character she’s cosplaying. It’s definitely a nice change from her usual habit! Thanks again to Stilzkin for sending this in!


  1. Oooh.. that's who she is ^^ i should look harder ! less stressfull for you (^_^')

    1. It's ok! o(^^o) it's actually quite fun to hunt around! The moment updating CH becomes stressful, that's when I'll stop updating all together. :3 in the mean time thiugh, this is more like a game to me!