30 August 2015

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon ~ Un Nouveau Voyage ~

sailor moon musical un nouveau voyage

The musical stage play of Sailor Moon, “Un Nouneau Voyage”, will be running from September 18th to September 25th and from October 2nd to October 4th in Japan this 2015. The story follows the manga’s Infinity Arc, focusing on Tomoe Souichi and his daughter, Tomoe Hotaru.

The main cast includes:

Along with the Death Busters:

  • Souichi Tomoe - Kaon Yuuki
  • Kaolinite – Oogi Kei
  • Witches 5:
    Eudial – Chinen Saya
    Mimete – Ida Ayaka
    Tellu – Sadachi Momoko
    Viluy – Hasegawa Yui
    Cyprine – Maana
    Daimons – Nakaoka Ayumi, Tsutsumi Rina, Hayashi Nozomi, Taniguchi Rio

It has been confirmed that this will be the last musical run for Satomi (Sailor Moon), Momoyo (Sailor Mercury), Kanon (Sailor Mars), Yuu (Sailor Jupiter), and Shiori (Sailor Venus).

I’d like to watch a live musical, just once. Japan seems to enjoy them quite a bit, so it must be quite spectacular. Thanks to Mariah for sending this in!

Source: Sailor Moon News and Sailor Moon Wiki

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