01 August 2015

Fruits Basket: Kuramae Mine

fruits basket cosplay - kuramae mine by tamaki okazakiMine (pronounced as “mee-neh”) is a seamstress who works in Sohma Ayame’s costume shop and lives in the apartment above it. She is a cheerful girl who is extremely passionate about costuming. She also appears to be determined to do anything for Ayame, and often takes care of the details he neglects in his enthusiasm. Ayame and Mine appear to be close to one another as he describes her to be someone he “can confide in”, leading Yuki to believe that she is aware of the zodiac curse.

I heard there will be a new Fruits Basket series soon. Whether it’s an anime or manga, I’m not completely sure, but I am extremely excited nonetheless!

Please support Japanese cosplayer Tamaki Okazaki (珠貴) through her Archive, Blog, Cure, Twitter, and World Cosplay! Thanks to Samantha for sending this in!

Source: 珠貴 (Tamaki Okazaki on World Cosplay)

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