20 October 2010

Sailor Moon S: Sailor Mars, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Jupiter

sailor moon s cosplay - sailor mars, sailor chibi moon, sailor moon, and sailor jupiter from comiket 2010

The third installment of the Sailor Moon Saga, Sailor Moon S is considered to be one of the darkest story lines, partly due to the Death Busters’ ultimate goal of destroying all life and partly due to ethical themes of sacrifice. Chibiusa, Usagi’s daughter, returns with her own powers as Sailor Chibi Moon and fights along side her mother and the other Sailor Senshi.

Beautiful cosplays! I’m just wondering why there are only four senshi’s instead of the usual five or six, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus included. Maybe the rest were walking around Comiket at the time? Thanks to Misa for sending this!

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  1. Wow the sailor girls! This is the first time I saw them together :)