26 May 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal: Sailor Moon 02

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal cosplay - sailor moon 2

Moon Pride

I want to be your power

涙は頬を伝い 瞳は紅く燃える
Tears flow down a cheek, eyes burn red
稲妻のように激しく 誰かが愛を叫ぶ
Someone cries of love violently, like a flash of lightning
例えどんな (暗闇でも 一人じゃないよね?)
Even if you're in pitch black darkness, you're not alone, you know?
私達を 照らす Moonlight
The Moonlight illuminates us

“Moon Pride”
Lyrics by Sailor Moon Wiki
Translation by Anime Lyrics

Oh wow, this is extremely late, but the new anime for Sailor Moon is absolutely fantastic! I’m a huge fan of the series so I’ll probably hunt for more of these cosplays very soon! Thanks again to Shuichi for sending this in!

What do you guys think about Sailor Moon Crystal? Do you like it better than the original?

Source: Z攻略

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