17 August 2015

One-Punch Man: License-less Rider, Speed of Sound Sonic, Saitama, Genos, and Tornado of Terror

one-punch man cosplay - license-less rider by tony liew, speed of sounds sonic by hp, saitama by kucing jahat, genos by hara takumi, and tornado of terror by rei chanIn the fictional metropolis of City Z, Japan, the world is full of strange monsters that mysteriously appear and cause many disasters. Then appears one super powerful hero, Saitama, who easily defeats these monsters and other villains with one punch. However, being the strongest person has made Saitama become bored with his powers, and he sets off on an adventure to find stronger opponents he can fight with.

I’m back guys! I’ve unfortunately missed my deadline by a few days, but now I can try and catch up with my missed Cosplay Holic updates! Expect some double, or even triple updates for the next few days, just so that I can get back on track!

Please visit the cosplayers’ Facebook: License-less Rider by Tony Liew, Speed of Sound Sonic by HP, Saitama by Kucing Jahat, Genos by Hara Takumi, and Tornado of Terror by Rei Chan! Thanks to Louisa for sending this in!

Source: Tin’s on Facebook

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