10 January 2008

Sailor Moon S: Sailor Saturn

sailor moon cosplay - sailor saturnOne of the most powerful Sailor Senshi in the Sailor Moon universe, Sailor Saturn, or Tomoe Hotaru yields the Silence Glaive, a weapon that can destroy the universe.

In the manga, Hotaru is a very mysterious character because she is part cyborg. This was her father’s attempt to save her from the lab accident that killed her mother. In the anime, however, she is not cybernetic, but she is still unpopular among her classmates due to her seizures.

It’s perhaps one of the most difficult tasks to cosplay one of the Sailor Senshi. Their uniforms are quite revealing (to the delight of fanboys everywhere). This cosplayer really got Sailor Saturn’s image perfectly! Great job!


  1. So childlike and cute! Love Saturn

  2. My goodness. What an amazing cosplay.