18 June 2014

Sailor Moon: Tsukino Usagi and Mizuno Ami

sailor moon cosplay - tsukino usagi and mizuno ami

Like Usagi, Mizuno Ami attended Azabu Juuban Junior High School. She is said to be a standoffish genius who prefers to eat her lunch alone on the rooftop so that she could study. When Usagi met Ami, she realized that Ami was merely shy, and not at all antisocial. Usagi eventually befriended Ami and helped her realize that she was more than just a bookworm.

Candise1992 makes an beautiful Ami and Milena Hime looks adorable as Usagi too! I love the additional use of confetti for this photo! It makes the mood look so happy and colorful! Thanks to Leila for sending this in!

Source: Candise1992 on Deviant Art

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