27 November 2013

Sailor Stars: Eternal Sailor Moon

sailor stars cosplay - eternal sailor moon by alice locketかなしみが いま セーラースマイル
Give sadness now a sailor smile
奇跡をおこすの セーラーウイング
Bringing a miracle, a sailor wing
Everybody carries a shining star inside
まけない! あしたへセーラーエール
I won't give up! To tomorrow, a sailor yell
ゼッタイ! つかまえる セーラースター
For sure! I will catch it! The sailor star
このちかい とどけ 銀河まで
Let this vow sound through the whole galaxy

“Sailor Star Song”
Lyrics and Translation by
Anime Lyrics

A stunning cosplay of Eternal Sailor Moon by Alice Locket! Among all of Sailor Moon’s forms, Eternal is probably one of the most elaborate designs. Alice was able to pull it off beautifully though! Thanks to Diana for sending this in!

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