29 August 2015

Alichino: Myobi

alichino cosplay - myobi by congtian

Myobi is an Alichino, a beautiful demon who is said to offer wishes to those who are desperate to receive them. In order to be granted, however, one must offer his soul to the Alichino. Thus, the Kusabi are born with the ability to kill the Alichino so that a balance could be maintained. But if the Alichino are killed, then no wishes will be granted. Does humanity really wish to be saved?

A beautiful Myobi by Congtian! Who would have thought Stan’s submission of this cosplay would reveal Ashura’s cosplayer as well? Please do visit Congtian’s World Cosplay account and give her your support! Thanks again to Stan for sending this in!

Source: 葱田 (CongTian) on World Cosplay

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