11 August 2015

Final Fantasy VII: Vincent Valentine 05

final fantasy 7 cosplay - vincent valentine by butterfly

In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud and his party discovered Vincent in a locked room in Shinra Manor and is talked out of his sleep. Cloud tells him about Sephiroth, of which he knew that Sephiroth was the child Lucrecia had conceived. Vincent later agrees to accompany the party when Cloud confirms that the party will meet Hojo, as he plans on finally claiming his revenge.

Another beautiful cosplay by Chinese cosplayer Butterfly! I’m completely stumped as to how he managed to get this pose! His photographer must be an extremely talented individual too!

As always, please continue to support Butterfly through his Weibo and World Cosplay! Thanks to Jun for sending this in!

Source: 阴川蝴蝶猪 (Butterfly) on World Cosplay

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