24 August 2015

Spice and Wolf: Holo 02

spice and wolf cosplay - holo 2A wolf harvest deity, Holo is described to be smart and confident, even though the latter is mostly seen around her traveling companion, Kraft Lawrence. Although appearing to be flirtatious and manipulative towards him, Holo has a deep fear of being alone, and thus nurtures strong affection towards him. She is a bit of an alcoholic and a glutton, possibly due to the fact that she is actually a wolf who needs ample amounts of nutrition.

Isn’t she adorable? I tried to find out who the cosplayer is, but to no avail! Hopefully someone will recognize her! Thanks to George for sending this in!

Source: Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 3000%ﹾ "Next Stage" on Facebook

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