01 July 2015

Tokyo Ghoul: Kirishima Toka

tokyo ghoul cosplay - kirishima toka by felin firn

Kirishima Toka is an eighteen-year-old ghoul from the 20th ward who works as a part-time waitress in Anteiku. She blends in well enough with the human society to attend high school inconspicuously. She is the older sister of Ayato, who disagrees with her views on humanity and left her to join Aogiri.

Oh wow, those “wings” look amazing! I’ve always wondered about these Tokyo Ghoul cosplayers. I mean, do they use large contact lenses to make their eyes black, or is that edited later on?

Anyway, if you like Thai cosplayer, Felin Firn’s work, please do show her your support through her Facebook, Twitter, and World Cosplay accounts! Thanks to Charlie for sending this in!

Source: Felin Firn on World Cosplay

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