14 July 2015

Sailor Stars: Sailor Galaxia, Princess Kakyuu, and the Sailor Starlights

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Sailor Galaxia was once known as the legendary Sailor Senshi in the Milky Way galaxy. She sealed Chaos within her own body in order to save the cosmos. However, as Chaos continued to grow in strength, Sailor Galaxia knew such power could put the entire universe at risk, and thus expelled her star seed into the rural galaxy of the Milky Way.

Once overtaken by Chaos, Sailor Galaxia now sought to take all of the star seeds in the universe in order to control it for herself in the name of “Star Galaxia”. Princess Kakyuu of Kinmoku fled to Earth along with the Sailor Starlights in search of the Light of Hope, which was later revealed to be Chibi Chibi.

The story from the manga and anime about Chibi Chibi is completely different! It makes me wonder if they will continue to follow the manga in the new Sailor Moon Crystal, because if they do, then we will see Sailor Cosmos but lose Sailor Galaxia.

In any case, if you like this photo, please check out Princess Kakyuu’s cosplayer, Sakura Kyoka in World Cosplay! Thanks to Michiru for sending this in!

Source: きょうか (sakura kyoka) on World Cosplay

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