20 July 2015

Vocaloid 2: SF-A2 Miki 02

vocaloid 2 cosplay - sf-a2 miki by oyama oboro

影から目を背け 扉を開ける時
Avert my eyes from the shadow when opening the door
「まだ終われないよ」と 波紋が呼び戻す
“It cannot end yet” The ripple calls back

記憶に蓋(ふた)をしたら リセットできるの?
If I put a lid on the memories, can it be reset?
全部がなかったことに なるなら・・・いいのに
That there is not everything. If it becomes that… Even though it would be fine

蒼に沈んでく 蒼に呑まれてく 蒼に溺れてく
Submerging into the pale blue. Being engulfed into the pale blue. Drown into the pale blue
震えないこだま 頑(かたく)なな願い 渦に空回る
Un-quivering echo. Obstinate wish. Meaninglessly spin around the whirlpool

Lyrics and Translation by Vocaloid Lyrics

Doesn’t Oyama Oboro (悪夜魔 おぼろ) make an adorable Miki? She has a ton of great cosplays in her World Cosplay account, but if you prefer her Cure or Blog, please go ahead and pay her a visit and give her your support! Thanks to Rae for sending this in!

Source: 悪夜魔 おぼろ (oyama oboro) on World Cosplay

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