08 July 2015

Tokyo Ghoul: Kamishiro Rize

tokyo ghoul cosplay - kamishiro rize by aiko aoki

Before some parts of her body were transplanted into Kaneki Ken, Rize was a powerful, merciless ghoul who wrecked havoc in the 11th ward. She killed all of the ghouls in charge, causing a shift in power and inadvertently attracting Anti Ghoul Investigators to the scene. She is known as the “Binge Eater” and, like Ken, she is said to be quite fond of reading.

I do like the expression on Aiko Aoki’s face in this photo. I’m not quite sure if she is just interested, or if she’s about to eat someone! Anyway, if you like her work, please visit her Facebook, Twitter, or World Cosplay! Thanks to Christine for sending this in!

Source: AIKO (aikoaoki) on World Cosplay

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