22 July 2015

Tokyo Ghoul: Fueguchi Hinami

tokyo ghoul cosplay - fueguchi hinami by calpis taroA shy, childish girl with a very gentle heart, Fuegushi Hinami’s parents were killed by Ghoul Investigators, yet has no intention of avenging their deaths despite loving them so much. She developed a pseudo-sibling relationship with both Kaneki and Toka, and constantly worries about their unhappiness. As the series progressed, Hinami slowly got over her parents’ deaths and later became a very cheerful character.

Meet Japanese cosplayer, Calpis Taro (カルピスたろす)! Doesn’t she make an adorable Hinami? If you’d like, please visit her Archive Gallery or say hi to her on Twitter! Thanks to Eric for sending this in!

Source: カルピスたろす on Cosplayers’ Archive

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