27 July 2015

Vocaloid 2: Utatane Piko

vocaloid 2 cosplay - utatane piko by towa大体 君は そうやって  逃げ回って どっか隠れて
Anyway, you run away and hide yourself somewhere like that
だから言うよ 素直な君の  リアルな感情 見せてくれないか
So, I’ll say it. Won't you be honest and show your real feelings?

誰かに 合わせてますか 人生観  迷彩な 笑顔は
Do you change your philosophy of life to go along with someone?
肝心なパーツが  欠けていた
The camouflage smile lacked the necessary part
黒にも成れない 白にも成れない
You can’t even be black, you can’t even be white
知ってたさ 怖がってた
I knew that. You were scared.

コトバガ アフレ
イマ ホンネヲ カイジョ
Make the sound of heartbeat at the place beyond the stretched shaking hand faster

“The First War Against Myself”
Lyrics and Translation by Vocaloid Lyrics

Meet Japanese cosplayer Towa (とわ)! It’s actually the first time I’ve heard of a Vocaloid named Piko, but I think Towa pulls him off nicely, wouldn’t you agree?

As usual, please support Towa through her Archive and Twitter! Thanks to Miguel for sending this in!

Source: towa (とわ) on Cosplayers’ Archive

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