26 July 2015

Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle: Syaoran and Sakura 04

tsubasa resevoir chronicle cosplay - syaoran by ghost shend and sakura by hu sebai

Far in the light, I can see it
In every scene of the night
A tiny feather of love

I gotta go
Destiny never finds the way for me, my love

Even in the night I see your face, in the dark
So I never lose my way to you
I never close my heart
The light is always there

Time goes by, we can never stay the same
Now we've come so far from love memory
Though your smile has gone, we will never be apart
In our hearts we are one, for love melody
The future arrives with your love

Lyrics by Anime Lyrics

Ok, this series has officially confused me. There’s a clone Sakura, and there’s a real Sakura, just as there’s a clone Syaoran and a real Syaoran. How to tell if the cosplay is of one or the other? I have no idea, but I hope someone could tell me!

I do know this cosplay by Ghost Sheng (鬼笙) and Hu Sebai (狐色白) looks fantastic, am I right? So please continue to support them! Thanks to Omi for sending this in!

Source: 鬼笙 (ghostsheng) on World Cosplay

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