10 July 2015

Yami no Matsuei: Kurosaki Hisoka 03

yami no matsuei / descendents of darkness cosplay - kurosaki hisoka by ishiori arie

Coming from a tradition-oriented family, Kurosaki Hisoka was trained in traditional Japanese martial arts when he was still living as a human. His parents were afraid of his spiritual powers, and they considered him unfit to be the heir of the Kurosaki household. In truth, his parents were more fearful of the fact that his powers could unfurl the familiar secret, so they locked him up in the cellar whenever they caught him using his empathy.

I feel really bad for Hisoka… But I always thought he looked much prettier than Tsuzuki. Anyway, please do support Japanese cosplayer Ishiori Arie by visiting her World Cosplay account! Thanks to Ariana for sending this in!

Source: 石織ありえ (ishiori arie) on World Cosplay

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