07 February 2012

Hunter x Hunter: Kuroro Lucifer 03

hunter x hunter cosplay - kuroro chrollo lucifer 3

The leader of the Phantom Troupe, Kuroro (Chrollo) Lucifer initially had six other homeless children from Meteor City to join his group. He later recruited more members in accordance to his ideal of exactly thirteen members including himself. The Phantom Troupe mainly committed acts of theft, but it is still unknown what the group does with the stolen objects.

That’s a pretty cool looking Kuroro, sitting in his chair in the middle of- well, nowhere! Just like in the anime and manga, right? Thanks again to Michelle for sending this in!


  1. Try this one out this cosplayer portrays the character just like in the anime


  2. Shiny pants in the middle of...well, somewhere where pants aren't supposed to shine. Great cosplay tho!