15 January 2015

Carciphona: Veloce Visrin

carciphona cosplay - veloce visrin by bloodycoffee

A young sorceress who has somehow evaded prosecution during the Prohibition. She minds her own business at her awkwardly elegant home in the poorer districts of Kronzel City, and local peasants does not care much about her questionable presence most of the time. Her home soon became a popular place for local children to prove their courage, but most challengers end up crapping their pants and running away.

- Carciphona

I’ve always loved how Shilin draws detailed armors for her characters… which is why this cosplay of Veloce by BloodyCoffee is just so spectacular! Please visit her Facebook Page and give her your support! Thanks again to Shilin for letting me feature this!

Source: Carciphona

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