13 December 2014

Love Live! and Uta no Prince-sama Cast

love live! and uta no prince-sama (pilot) cosplay cast

My chest is almost too small for my beating heart.
Uh baby 強引になる恋の衝動
Uh baby. The impulse of love is becoming overbearing.
Which one do you pick, Princess?
This 1000% LOVE will surely make you dizzy.

“Maji Love 1000%”
Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

Ok guys, a little help here? I know the right side features the cast of Uta no Prince-sama, but who are the girls on the left? I’m debating among AKB0048, Idolmaster, and Love Live. Which is it or maybe they’re someone else entirely? Thanks to Lyla for sharing this!

EDIT: Thanks to Visa for letting me know that the girls are from Love Live!

Source: Gaeaforce's Viewfinder on Facebook

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