22 January 2015

Aldnoah.Zero: Slaine Troyard, Asseylum Vers Allusia, and Count Cruhteo

aldnoah.zero cosplay - slaine troyard, asseylum vers allusia, and count cruhteo by tiramishi, aze, and sei v

Slaine Troyard is an earth-born human who is a subservient to the Versian, Count Cruhteo. Count Cruhteo appears to have a great amount of dislike for Slaine, as he beats Slaine for any slight, no matter how small. He is a close friend of Princess Asseylum of the Vers Empire and is hinted to have feelings for her.

Doesn’t this look like a scene from the anime? Amazing cosplay by Tiramishi as Slaine, Aze as Princess Asseylum, and Sei V as Count Cruhteo with photography by William Tjhin! The details on Aze’s dress is absolutely fantastic! Please visit their Facebook accounts for more of their cosplays!

Source: Aze on Facebook

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