30 June 2012

To Heart 2: Komaki Manaka

unknown cosplay 124 from japan comiket 79I know she’s one of the girls from To Heart 2 because of her uniform, but her hairstyle is confusing me!

I want to say she’s Yuzuhara Konomi, but that character has twintails and this cosplayer looks like she only has a side ponytail. Komaki Manaka has a hairclip on that side, but her hair color is light brown. And then there’s Hanesaki Mio who is a new heroine only available in the Playstation 3 version who does but her hair up, but not when she’s no longer wearing her glasses.

Maybe I should open a poll for this instead. Thanks again to Michael for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for confirming she is Komaki Manaka from To Heart 2!

29 June 2012

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action 3rd Trailer

Another trailer has been released for the Rurouni Kenshin Live Action film by Warner Brothers Japan! We see a little more of Eguchi Yosuke as Saitou Hajime, but I still don't know how he's going to incorporated into the story so early on.

Not that I'm complaining, of course, but I really hope they release this soon! Thanks again to 愛子 藤原 for sharing this!

28 June 2012

Angel Beats!: Iwasawa Masami

angel beats! cosplay - iwasawa masami 苛立ちをどこにぶつけるか探してる間に終わる日
My days end as I'm trying to find where to vent my irritation
The sky is gray, I can't see anything beyond
常識ぶってる奴が笑ってる 次はどんな嘘を言う?
People who act like they have common sense are laughing; what kind of lie will they tell next?
それで得られたもの 大事に飾っておけるの?

How can they treasure what they obtain with those lies?
But we've got to move ahead, toward tomorrow
So I'm going to sing like this

“My Song” Lyrics and Translation by
Anime Lyrics

Beautiful cosplay of one of my favorite characters from Angel Beats! It’s too bad we didn’t get to see more of her from the anime. I think I might like her a bit more that Yui. Thanks again to Lily for sending this in!

27 June 2012

Bleach: Kyoraku Shunsui and Yadomaru Lisa

bleach cosplay - kyoraku shunsui and yadomaru lisa by ysabel

Approximately 110 years before the series began, Lisa was the Lieutenant of the 8th Division then under Captain Shunsui Kyoraku. She was known to engage in reading to the youngest female member of the 8th Division, Ise Nanao, during the first day of each month. Although she seems detached and secretive, Lisa does have a playful side similar to Kyoraku’s, as the two often shared mutual advances toward each other.

Another beautiful piece by Filipina cosplayer, Juliann Ysabel! I just wonder who the cosplayer behind Shunsui is. Thanks again for allowing me to feature this! And please visit Ysabel’s Facebook Page for more photos!

26 June 2012

One Piece: Trafalgar Law

one piece cosplay - trafalgar law by zero rama

The captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates, Trafalgar Law is one of eleven pirates who have been referred to as “The Eleven Supernovas”. Like many other pirates, dreams of finding One Piece, a legendary treasure said to be of unimaginable value. He has many tribal-style tattoos on his arms; particularly the letters D, E, A, T, and H each tattooed the back of his left fingers, and a black cross on the back of his right hand.

Another awesome cosplay by Indonesian cosplayer, Zero Rama! I really love how he took the time to draw all the tattoos on his arms. Thanks again for allowing me to feature this!

25 June 2012

Hetalia: Axis Powers: Japan 03

hetalia: axis powers cosplay - japan by amaha

The third member of the Axis Powers, Japan was recruited by Germany and is said to be mysterious, quiet, as well as hard-working. Though he looks younger than both Italy and Germany, Japan is actually the eldest and acts like an old man.

A very handsome cosplay by Japanese cosplayer Amaha (天葉)! Although, is it appropriate to call a girl “handsome” when she is cosplaying a male character? Thanks to Maria for sending this in!

24 June 2012

Rurouni Kenshin: Kamiya Kaoru, Myojin Yahiko, Takani Megumi, and Himura Kenshin

rurouni kenshin cosplay - kamiya kaoru, myojin yahiko, takani megumi, and himura kenshin

When Megumi escaped from Takeda’s mansion, she ended up in a gambling house where Sanosuke and Kenshin were playing dice. She then asked for their help, and later accompanies them back to the Kamiya dojo. Kaoru was furious that Kenshin brought a female stranger to her home, and Megumi decided to play the flirt, making several advances to Kenshin.

You have no idea how excited I am over this movie! I think the entire cast will do a pretty good job and these sneak peak photos are proof of that! Thanks to Mike for sharing this!

23 June 2012

Touhou Project: Flandre Scarlet 02

unknown cosplay 123 from japan comiket 79Well, she looks like Flandre Scarlet from Touhou Project to me, but the hair color’s definitely wrong. And I know Flandre has a red vest paired with her red skirt, not a full dress like this one.

I thought the Scarlets might have another sister, but I only found Flandre and Remilia. So if you guys have a better idea who she’s cosplaying as or if you agree that she’s probably Flandre, please do post your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks again to Jamie for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to 愛子 for confirming she's Flandre Scarlet from Touhou Project!

22 June 2012

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 29

vocaloid 2 cosplay - hatsune miku 29 by mochitzu shion

Everybody despises me
What do you want to do to me...?
My heart breaks into millions pieces
To where am I vanishing...?

“Bacterial Contamination” Lyrics and Translation by

Cute cosplay and location by Japanese cosplayer, Mochitzu Shion (望月しおん)! I miss riding on a carousel like that, but I think I’d get motion sickness now that I’m older! Thanks to Justine for sending this!

21 June 2012

Fate/Extra: Saber and Super Sarah G.

It might be a little early for our weekly Unknown Feature, but this is a crossover anyway and I thought this photo needed to be featured as soon as possible.

fate/extra cosplay - saber by alodia gosiengfiao with sarah geronimo

This was taken by Kira Hokuten during the Philippine Toy Convention 2012. I know Alodia Gosiengfiao is cosplaying Fate/Extra’s Saber, but I’m not sure who Sarah Geronimo is cosplaying as. It’s funny that from this angle, they look like sisters! I thought this was a photo of Alodia and Ashley at first until I read the description on Facebook.

Got a better idea? Thanks to Ernz for sharing this!

EDIT: Thanks to Keneth for letting me know that this is Sarah Geronimo's alternate ego, "Super Sarah G."!

20 June 2012

Full Metal Alchemist: Van Hohenheim

full metal alchemist cosplay - van hohenheim

Father to Edward and Alphonse Elric, Van Hohenheim has a keen knowledge of the alchemy processes possibly due to the fact that he is several centuries old. The means of his immortality differ between the manga and the first anime series. He left his children and his wife Trisha to travel around the country to leave shards from his Philosopher’s Stone.

This is really amazing! He looks just like the character! You might want to see the full version from Tokyo Pop. Thanks to Kondo-san for the cool photography skills!

19 June 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: Nyarlathotep

haiyore! nyaruko-san cosplay - nyarlathotep by uriu

An alien from Nyarlathotep who is sent by the Space Defence Agency to Earth to protect Yasaka Mahiro, Nyarlathotep takes a human form of a girl with long, silver-colored hair. She ended up falling in love with Mahiro and is always friendly to him, but shows abusive and brutal habits to any hostile aliens. She takes the name Yasaka Nyaruko, posing as Mahiro's cousin when staying at Mahiro's house and attending his school.

Another cute cosplay by Uriu! It always amazes me how cosplayers get their wigs to defy gravity. Lots of hair spray I guess? Thanks to Yupi for sending this in! Photo set by Yuuro-An!

18 June 2012

Dead or Alive 2: Helena Douglas

The illegitimate daughter of Fame Douglas and his mistress Maria, a world-class soprano opera singer, Helena Douglas followed in her mother’s footsteps and became an opera singer herself. She was never close to her father and was hardly affected when he was murdered. However, when her mother was murdered shielding her from a sniper, Helena swore to take revenge, even if meant entering the coveted Dead or Alive World Combat Championship.

Meet Adella, and American cosplayer from Huntington Beach, California. She’s a seamtress and fashion student, so it would be safe to say that she makes her own cosplays herself. Please visit her website for more of her awesome work. Thanks to Elricarue for sending this in!

17 June 2012

S/mileage: Maeda Yuuka

s/mileage cosplay - maeda yuuka from comiket 79
You can probably tell by now that I’m currently sweeping through my dusty, old emails that I still haven’t gotten around to replying to after 2 years. I mean, why else would be constantly featuring cosplays from Japan Comiket 79 this month when the event was 2 years ago?

So I’ll be featuring this cute girl and pretend she’s cheering me on as I continue to go through my files. Why? Because I can! Thanks again to Michael for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know she's cosplaying Maeda Yuuka from the Jpop group S/mileage!

16 June 2012

Queen’s Blade Rebellion: Captain Liliana

queen's blade rebellion cosplay - captain liliana by sayu

Liliana was an infamous pirate who nearly destroyed all of the Continent's coastal waters. She is said to be the granddaughter of Pirate Queen Artemis, the author behind “Pirate Aesthetics”. After she met her untimely death by the sea monster Kraken, she was later resurrected by the Swamp Witch to lead her undead army in order to take over the Continent.

Cute cosplay by Sayu-chan! She apparently did this cosplay last 20th of May at Tokyo Fashion Town. I would feature her other photos, but I don’t think they’re allowed on Blogger. Thanks again to 藤原愛子 for sending this in and to MPzero for the awesome photography!

15 June 2012

DC Comics: Supergirl

I recently received a “hate mail” for not featuring cosplays from Western comics despite claiming that I feature cosplays from all over the world.

You know, if you wanted me to cosplay someone from a particular series, all you had to do was ask. :) I mean, I did feature something from Aladdin and The Emperor’s New Groove after all, so I wouldn’t say no to DC or Marvel.

So let me leave you with this photo of Supergirl by DC Comics as posted by Geeks are Sexy because they really are:

dc comics cosplay - supergirl

And just in case you’d like me to feature more, then feel free to send me more photos. And if you have the cosplayer’s and/or photographer’s information as well, that’s even better. I might not get to all of your emails on time thanks to my readers’ overwhelming support, but hey, I’m still doing the best that I can.

Make Love, Not War! Even if Miku says “Love is War”~! ♥

14 June 2012

K-On!: Hirasawa Yui 07

k-on! cosplay - hirasawa yui 7 by misaki

Although she didn't have any musical experience at the beginning of the series, Hirasawa Yui has absolute pitch, the ability to identify or re-create a given musical note without an external reference. She can tune her guitar perfectly without a tuner, which impressed Azusa as she has been playing the guitar much longer than Yui has. She has a younger sister named Ui, who actually acts as Yui’s older sister, taking care of her and keeping her in line.

Cute cosplay by Misaki! It makes me wonder if she can also play that guitar like the character she’s cosplaying as. Thanks again to Millia for sending this and to MPzero for the awesome photography!

13 June 2012

THE iDOLM@STER: Otonashi Kotori

the idolmaster cosplay - otonashi kotori from comiket 79

While Kotori only appears at the end of the actual Idolmaster game, this quiet office clerk of 765 Production is actually a recurring character within the Drama CDs. She is said to be a little older than Azusa, which makes her somewhere in her twenties. Despite not being an idol herself, Kotori loves to sing, which is ironic considering her last name literally means “soundless”.

Another awesome cosplay from Japan Comiket 79! I actually thought she was Suzumiya Haruhi at first, but I saw her name tag “小鳥” which reads “Kotori” in Japanese.

I guess those Japanese self-study lessons are paying off. Thanks to Janet for sending this in!

12 June 2012

Hetalia: Axis Powers: Hungary and Itako

hetalia: axis powers cosplay - hungary and itako from japan comikey 79

As with most characters in Hetalia: Axis Powers, Italy also has a gender-swapped version commonly known as Itako.

Although to be honest, it looks to me like Italy was forced into a maid’s uniform by Hungary, which kind of makes this a whole lot cuter funnier. Italy’s a cowardly character who insists on surrendering rather than fighting after all!

Photo from Japan Comiket 79 sent in by Gabriel!

11 June 2012

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 28

vocaloid 2 cosplay - hatsune mike 28 from comiket 79

At the foot of a mountain, deep into the forest
There lives a blue-haired witch
She is very beautiful
So beautiful that everybody instantly falls for her
麗しき歌声 聴いたときはもう遅い
Her voice is sweet, if once you hear it, it captivates you
At the foot of a mountain, deep into the forest
None of lost people has ever come back

“The Lost House” Lyrics and Translation by

More Vocaloid cosplay from Japan’s Comiket 79! I wonder what this Miku is offering to her photographers? Flower petals? Thanks again to Michael for sending this in!

10 June 2012

Amagami: Ayatsuji Tsukasa

amagami cosplay - ayatsuji tsukasa from japan comiket 79School’s out for the Western hemisphere while we here in the East are just beginning the new school year! I thought I might as well post this schoolgirl from Comiket 79 to go with the occasion.

Speaking of occasions, Cosplay Holic will be 5 years old in a few days! Wow, five whole years. Who would have thought I could last this long?

If you guys have any suggestions what I can do for the 5th year anniversary, feel free to leave a comment!

And of course, if you know who she is cosplaying as, please leave a comment too. Thanks again to Michael for sending this!

EDIT: Thanks to 愛子 for letting me know she is Ayatsuji Tsukasa from Amagami!

09 June 2012

Card Captor Sakura: Kinomoto Sakura 08

card captor sakura cosplay - kinomoto sakura 8

Did you know?

Sakura's character design for the manga was originally developed by Mokona of Clamp. She was designed to capture the image of Mokona's then two-year-old niece Kawaji. Kawaji wore short hair in pigtails much like Sakura does in the anime and manga.


I think Sakura just became that much cuter to me.

Another Comiket photo! But this time, it’s from the 79th way back in the year 2010! Time sure does fly. Thanks to Michael for sending this in!

08 June 2012

Hakuoki: Zuisouroku: Saito Hajime 04

hakuoki: zuisouroku cosplay - saito hajime by ikatarou

At the end of Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~ anime, Saito was last seen charging against the enemy while his comrades are all slain. History tells us that the real Saito survived even after Aizuwakamatsu Castle fell. He traveled southwest along with former Aizu retainers to the Takada Domain in Echigo Province, where they were held as prisoners of war.

Another awesome cosplay by Japanese cosplayer, Ikatarou! I must admit, I really love the way he depicted Saito. And the fact that he’s a guy adds a lot of points too. Thanks again to Milly for sending this in!

07 June 2012

Final Fantasy VIII: Squall Leonhart

final fantasy viii cosplay - squall leonhart by ryuura

Squall was unwillingly dragged into the role of the hero when Cid Kramer, headmaster of Balamb Garden, appointed him as leader of the academy. During a late battle against Galbadia Garden, Squall had shown some leadership difficulties, which were mainly due to his lingering isolationism. After some time, Squall grew more comfortable with his leadership role, a skill much needed in defeating Ultimecia.

Awesome cosplay by Japanese cosplayer, Ryuuya (隆弥)! I love the details and the angle of this photo makes Squall really look like a lone wolf. Thanks again to Jeannie for sending this in!