15 June 2012

DC Comics: Supergirl

I recently received a “hate mail” for not featuring cosplays from Western comics despite claiming that I feature cosplays from all over the world.

You know, if you wanted me to cosplay someone from a particular series, all you had to do was ask. :) I mean, I did feature something from Aladdin and The Emperor’s New Groove after all, so I wouldn’t say no to DC or Marvel.

So let me leave you with this photo of Supergirl by DC Comics as posted by Geeks are Sexy because they really are:

dc comics cosplay - supergirl

And just in case you’d like me to feature more, then feel free to send me more photos. And if you have the cosplayer’s and/or photographer’s information as well, that’s even better. I might not get to all of your emails on time thanks to my readers’ overwhelming support, but hey, I’m still doing the best that I can.

Make Love, Not War! Even if Miku says “Love is War”~! ♥

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