06 March 2010

Hetalia: Axis Powers: Italy Romano and Italy Veneziano

unknown cosplay 43 / hetalia: axis powers cosplay - italy romano and italy venezianoI bet people guessed this was coming...

Winter Comiket's flood of cosplays are not over yet! There are several more photos sent to that were impressive and cute, but I have no idea who they are cosplaying!

Take these two for example. Pure white clothing and they are holding what appears to be... apples. tomatoes! Could they be cosplaying twin characters? Or is the same character cosplayed by two people?

Take a guess and let me know! And yes, posting links for unknown entries as references is completely acceptable, but those who want to contribute, please be sure to email them instead in kurohiko at gmail dot com. Otherwise, comments with links in other posts will be deleted. Thank you for understanding!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know they are Romano and Italy from Hetalia! ...and that those are tomatoes, not apples.


  1. For some reason...those two remind me of Italy and Romano from Hetalia in their 'chibi form' ...and I think they're supposed to be holding tomatoes XD??
    The swirly part of the hair is the clue here.. XD

  2. Agrees with anonymous. It is Chibi-Romano and Chibi-Italy from Hetalia Axel Power.

  3. those are not apples. those are tomatoes.

  4. Ahaha! Tomatoes it is! Thanks for the tips! I'll edit this ASAP!