10 June 2012

Amagami: Ayatsuji Tsukasa

amagami cosplay - ayatsuji tsukasa from japan comiket 79School’s out for the Western hemisphere while we here in the East are just beginning the new school year! I thought I might as well post this schoolgirl from Comiket 79 to go with the occasion.

Speaking of occasions, Cosplay Holic will be 5 years old in a few days! Wow, five whole years. Who would have thought I could last this long?

If you guys have any suggestions what I can do for the 5th year anniversary, feel free to leave a comment!

And of course, if you know who she is cosplaying as, please leave a comment too. Thanks again to Michael for sending this!

EDIT: Thanks to 愛子 for letting me know she is Ayatsuji Tsukasa from Amagami!


  1. Oh yes i remember her, this was summer comiket day 3 she is cosplaying as 絢辻 詞, Ayatsuji Tsukasa from amagami SS

    here's a full body shot ;


    ^^ and wow almost 5 years huh ? i hope cosplay holic survives another 5 years ! me like

  2. winter comiket, since december is winter ofcourse and no summer..

  3. She's cosplaying as Ayatsuji Tsukasa from Amagami.


  4. Thanks 愛子 and anon! Already editing... :D

    And yes 愛子, it is Winter Comiket not summer. xD Hope Cosplay Holic will do well in another 5+ years!