27 September 2007

Rurouni Kenshin: Hitokiri Battousai

rurouni kenshin cosplay - hitokiri battousaiAfter Yukishiro Tomoe had returned to the Shogunate spies with the hopes of throwing them off and save his life, Himura Kenshin received a letter of from the Spymasters stating that they have Tomoe hostage. It was winter at the time, and Kenshin hurriedly went after the Shogunate to save Tomoe in the snow and ice.

It was unfortunate, as he was ambushed several times before he could actually try and save her. In the end, it was Tomoe who ended up saving him. But she was accidentally killed by the same slash of Kenshin’s sword that killed his opponent.

It’s such a sad fate for Kenshin… And this cosplay seems to be a tribute to that. For some reason, even if the image is so small, I think this cosplayer is a girl. But I’m wondering whether or not she feels cold in that kimono while out in the winter cold.

Is that purple sash he’s holding Tomoe’s? Hm…

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