27 June 2012

Bleach: Kyoraku Shunsui and Yadomaru Lisa

bleach cosplay - kyoraku shunsui and yadomaru lisa by ysabel

Approximately 110 years before the series began, Lisa was the Lieutenant of the 8th Division then under Captain Shunsui Kyoraku. She was known to engage in reading to the youngest female member of the 8th Division, Ise Nanao, during the first day of each month. Although she seems detached and secretive, Lisa does have a playful side similar to Kyoraku’s, as the two often shared mutual advances toward each other.

Another beautiful piece by Filipina cosplayer, Juliann Ysabel! I just wonder who the cosplayer behind Shunsui is. Thanks again for allowing me to feature this! And please visit Ysabel’s Facebook Page for more photos!

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