19 September 2008

Full Metal Alchemist: Alphonse "Al" Elric and Edward "Ed" Elric 02

full metal alchemist cosplay - alphonse and edward elric

Wow, this is even more impressive than the first one. From the looks of it, they’re waiting for the train to arrive… Or maybe they’re suppose to be on the train already? Not so sure, but it’s a lovely photograph of the two brothers!

I’m wondering what Alphonse’s armor is made out of… They couldn’t have used real metal for this, could they?

Anyway, very impressive! I do hope Ed will eventually find a way to bring his brother back to his original body.

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  1. Wow. Al's armor is amazing in this.

    This is a great cosplay. Although, Ed's hair is a bit too dark. (That's just me nitpicking, honestly. This is really good.)

  2. I just got into Full Metal Alchmist, and am now obsessed. These are so good!! I want to make my own Ed cosplay now! :D

  3. Ahaha! Hope we'll get to see your cosplay~ :3