26 November 2010

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon

sailor moon cosplay - sailor moonA schoolgirl in 20th Century Tokyo, Usagi is a well-intentioned, underachieving crybaby who prefers the life of a normal teenage girl. While fighting the evils of her past life as Sailor Moon, Usagi quickly matures and learns to make decisions for herself, becoming a true princess of the fallen Moon Kingdom.

At least, that’s how she is in the original manga!

I know she's Sailor Moon, but I'm a little confused as to which season from the metaseries she's from. Her hairclips make it look like she's from SuperS, but I don’t think the sleeves are right. And gold armbands? I’m really confused. Thanks again to Pikori for sending this, though!


  1. She's doing the first transformation in the manga, as in the literal first time Usagi ever transformed into Sailor Moon. Very nice job of it too!

  2. I agree with reichan :>

  3. She is beautiful, the only one out of the pictures who look so natural with the outfit and hair. Are there any other photos?

  4. Rei-chan: Oh, I never realized... The first transformation I know of is the one in the anime. :D

    Anon: No, sorry. Pikori only sent me one image. Maybe s/he can send in more when s/he sees this request? :D

  5. No, I think this is supposed to be Sailor V (not Sailor Venus). She's holding the glasses! And in the anime Mina transformed into Sailor Moon, before. I'm not sure if that's it exactly, though..