25 November 2010

Shaman King: Asakura Yo

shaman king cosplay - asakura yo

When Asakura Keiko gave birth to twins, the reincarnated Asakura Hao was separated into two halves; Yo bore his human side while his twin brother who carried the same name as their ancestor bore his shaman side. Although he is only interested in becoming the Shaman King in order to fulfill his promise to his fiancée, Kyoyama Anna, Lady Sati gave him the honor of going to Hell to train himself. He was granted the power of purification and became one of the Five Elemental Warriors, gaining the Spirit of Earth.

A very convincing cosplay! Yo always seemed happy and bored at the same time, and this cosplayer really achieved his look flawlessly! Thanks to Pikori for sending this in!

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