21 November 2010

Saiunkoku Monogatari: Shi Ryuki 02

saiunkoku monogatari cosplay - shi ryuki 02As a child, Ryuki was treated badly by his mother and most of his half-brothers. They would beat him up or lock him in a storage house for days in a row. Seien, the second eldest brother of the six sons, was the only family member who ever showed kindness to him. Ryuki met Shuurei’s father, Ko Shouka, in the imperial archives, who secretly tutored him and encouraged War General Sou-Taifu to teach him swordsmanship.

Awesome cosplay! Such a perfect location and beautifully detailed clothing, very fitting for the emperor of Saiunkoku! Thanks to Pho for sending this!

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  1. Oh my, he is adorable. I miss watching SaiMono!