25 March 2009

Sailor Moon: Princess Serenity 02

sailor moon cosplay - princess serenity 02 My apologies for the lack of updates lately. It seems that there have been some hot-linking of images in Cosplay Holic, and I had to change image servers. I'm still in the process of migrating images so it will take up a lot of time.

However, I've also been able to find some beautiful cosplays. This one of Princess Serenity, for example. Her dress is really well made and the materials used are just perfect for the Moon Princess.

Although I must admit, it does lack the sleeve, but nevertheless, still a fitting rival for the previous cosplayer I've posted. Excellent work!

EDIT: Thank you to the commenter for letting me know the cosplayer is Saraqael from Deviant Art!


  1. Wowww! This is probably one of the best Sailormoon theme cosplays among all those I've seen!

  2. I agree. The costume details and the overall look is simplay amazing. :)

  3. I know this cosplayer's website- http://saraqael.deviantart.com
    That same picture can be found at the following link- http://saraqael.deviantart.com/art/Serenity-74919696

  4. Thank you, anon! I'll add that to the post. I wish you had left me your name though. ^_^;

  5. Hi, I don't think this is Princess Serenity. This looks like it's Neo Queen Serenity, since Neo Queen Serenity's dress doesn't have sleeves. On the other hand, there's no crown, so maybe I'm wrong. ^_^;;


  6. Oh, yeah, that's right. But the cosplayer mentioned on her website that this was a test photo for her cosplay.

    I quote:
    "I know I shouldn't be posting this since I'm not wearing the sleeves, and this was supposed to be a 'test run' photo... but I had a blast taking these pictures today. The fabric photographs beautifully- I just wish I could do it more justice!"

    You can read more from her website:

  7. This is also Zan from cosplay.com http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1387439/

    I absolutely love this dress and the cosplayer is just perfect for Serenity.


  8. Hi! I was wondering if You had a certian pattern for this dress.? Please tell me. Im planning on going as serenity in June to A-kon.

  9. Hi, Amy!

    I can't help you there, I'm sorry... I only get to feature cosplayers, but you might want to try contacting Saraqael on her DeviantArt page. :)

  10. can one buy this costume?