02 November 2010

Final Fantasy XII: Vaan

final fantasy xii cosplay - van / vaan / vannA 17-year-old orphan who lost both his parents and his only brother Reks, Vaan is a cheerful and energetic boy who dreams of becoming a sky pirate in command of his own airship. As part of his “training”, he kills dire rats in the sewers of Rabanastre on a daily basis, earning him the nickname “Van Ratsbane”. He makes a living as Migelo’s assistant, running errands and at the same time, pick pocketing from Archadian soldiers, claiming to be taking back what is Dalmasca’s.

Beautifully detailed cosplay! It looks like the silver parts of the armor are made of heavy paper or cardboard. I wonder if the gauntlets are made of the same material? Thanks again to Syaza for the contribution!


  1. I think it's "Vaan" and not "Van".


  2. Yeap, its Vaan. I hope I wasn't the one who made the spelling mistake ^^;

  3. Ahaha... well, that's how wikipedia spelled his name? Now I'm not sure if it's a very reliable source of information! xD;;;