23 November 2010

Vampire Knight: Kurenai Maria 02

vampire knight cosplay - maria kurenai 02A distant relative of Hio Shizuka, Maria is a sickly vampire who allowed Shizuka to possess her body in exchange for her blood. As Shizuka is a pure blooded vampire, her blood has many healing properties that would ultimately strengthen Maria. Unfortunately, Shizuka died in the hands of Kuran Kaname before Maria could ever obtain Shizuka’s blood, but Maria confessed that she would have allowed Shizuka to use her even if she received nothing in return.

So pretty! And so much like Maria when she was possessed by Shizuka! I really love how she did her hair for this cosplay. Thanks to Lily for sending this!


  1. Love the wig, but I give more props to the cosplayer who pulled this off so well. She really fit the character. :)