30 November 2010

Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha: Yin and Hei

darker than black: kuro no keiyakusha cosplay - yin and heiAn elite Contractor with Meister Code BK-201, Hei acts as the spy and assassin in his team, swiftly dealing death without fail. Yin acts as a support personnel, using her observation ability to locate individuals for Hei’s team. Their names are colors with Yin meaning Silver and Hei meaning Black.

Stunning cosplay by Julie and Sashasunji! And is that real snow? I hope they’re not too cold while doing this photo shoot! Thanks to Mariana for sending this in!


  1. This is the best rp I have seem of darker then black I hope to see more of your work


  2. Very nice, Love seeing Darker Than Black and love the anime.

  3. You guys look AMAZING!!!! You look just like Hei and Yin!!!! O.o